50 Inch Single Row LED Light Bar OSRAM - 250W 24,180 Lumens

50 Inch Single Row LED Light Bar OSRAM - 250W 24,180 Lumens - Free Shipping

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Superior Quality 50 Inch Single Row LED Light Bar that Provides Excellent Illumination

Get a crystal clear vision of anything on your path even in the darkest part of the night with our high quality, outstanding 50 Inch Single Row Series. Featuring a single row LED light bar, our 50 Inch Single Row Series is perfect for your car, truck, ATV, off-road vehicles, UTV, tractor, etc.

In addition, the LEDs are extra bright, thus, making anything in front of you extremely visible, even from afar. The housing and optics are made from superior quality materials and are capable of withstanding harsh conditions and rigorous use. It is a perfect blend of form and function.

The dual row LED lights to shine brightly just like other top-of-the-line LEDs. It is a certified IP68 rating, thus, making it dust and waterproof. For individuals who love to travel or explore the woods at night, our 50 Inch Single Row LED Light Bar at Armored Lighting is perfect for you. They will absolutely serve your off-road lighting needs for years to come.

Amp Draw
14.85 amps
Raw Lumens
Optic Pattern
5W LEDs IP Rating  IP68



Double Area of Heat Dissipation

Reflector Pattern

Black Powder Coat UV Resistant Painting Technology

5+ Years of Continuous Use

100% Optically Clear Polycarbonate Lens

6063 Heavy-Duty Die Cast Aluminum Housing

Military Standard Protective Vent

Protection Against Dust & High-Pressure Water

Sealed Waterproof DT Connector


No White Noise

What's in the Box?
  • One Light unit

  • Waterproof Connector Switch

  • Relay(JD1912/12VDC | 40A/14VDC), Fuse and Fuse holder

  • Wiring Harness with the above totally connected and ready for installation

  • Mounting Hardware (Mounts) Mounting Nuts

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Light Bar Dimensions

Here are some customer testimonials from real ordering customers. These customer reviews show what Armored lighting customers are experiencing with our lighting products.

Customer: Archie Perry

Product: 50 Inch Curved Double Row LED Light Bar

 The light works very well, and the brightness is incredible, nothing puts 42,800 lumens into perspective like seeing it lighting up the whole 90-acre field with ease. Overall the light is very good, although I dropped it from the roof while mounting there was no damage and it functioned perfectly afterward, so its clearly a robust well built and impressive light for any vehicle.

Customer: Jarad Kraft

Product: 20 Inch Straight Double Row LED Light Bar

Love the bar! The best bar that I have owned hands down. You will be my 1st pick for any future lighting!!

Customer: Rory Smith

Product: 50 Inch Curved Double Row LED Light Bar and Pair 2 Inch Diffused Light Pods

I’ve got all the lights that I ordered from you finally mounted on both the front and the back of my Ranger. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the lights and your service.  The 50” curved light bar on the front of the ranger is unreal for brightness and will be really nice when coming off the frozen lakes at night.  The 2 pods that went on the back will be really nice for packing up the fish house and gear in the dark.  I would highly recommend your lights to anyone,  once you pick these things up, you know right away that they are great quality.  

Customer: Teresa Kern

Product: 20 Inch Double Row LED Light Bar

 I can't say enough about this little light bar. She is SO powerful. We had a little problem hooking ours up...a blown fuse that my husband was sure wasn't blown. ;-) We called in on the phone number provided and we were stunned that we got to talk to a knowledgeable helpful person! We will definitely be buying from this company again!

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Armored Lighting is the Rated Top Supplier for High quality LED Light Pods and LED Light Bars.  All our lights are made with the highest quality materials sourced from all over the world. We sell high-quality LED light bars at affordable prices that everyone can afford. 


 Below are some of the specs that make our Off-road LED Lights better than competitors.


  • Reflector Cup Patterns Available: Spot, Flood, Diffusion, Driving and Combo
  • 9-36 Volt DC Input
  • 100% Optically Clear and Unbreakable GE Lexan Lens
  • Instant On/Off/No Warm-Up Required
  • Operating Temperature: (range from -40 ° to 293 ° Fahrenheit)
  • Dual-Oversized Heat Sink
  • Premium Dupont Paint and Powder-coat that withstands fading for more than five years in direct sun
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption Rating
  • Military Standard Breather / Gore Pressurized to Eliminate Condensation
  • Waterproof DEUTSCH Plug-N-Play Connector for Powering
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty against Manufacturer Defect with Warranty Registration
  • 30-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 6063 Cast Aluminum with a compressive strength of >205Mpa
  • Higher wattage and less power consumption.

* Certifications and Testing: SAE, IP68, IP69k, RoHS, E-Mark, High /Low-Temperature Barriers, High Pressure, Vibration, Salt and Fog, Sand and Dust.



XLamp XM-L LEDs offer the unique combination of very high efficacy at very high drive currents, delivering 1000 lumens with 100 lumens-per-watt efficacy at 3 A in a compact, 5-mm x 5-mm footprint. With its breakthrough light output and efficacy, the XM-L LED is designed for very-high-lumen applications such as high-bay, indoor commercial or roadway lighting. The XM-L LED can lower the total system cost by reducing the number of LEDs and optics in the system producing 158 Lumens per watt.

2. CREE XT-E 5 Watt

Optimized for directional, high-lumen applications, from indoor and outdoor to portable and lamp retrofits, the XLamp® XT-E LED delivers high performance and high reliability in the industry-standard XP/XT footprint. A new high-efficacy option is now available. The High Efficacy XT-E LED leverages key elements Cree’s SC5 Technology™ Platform to deliver a 25% boost in efficacy to the previous XT-E LED. The High Efficacy XT-E LED provides a guaranteed minimum efficacy of 164 LPW at 85°C, 350mA. The XT-E LED offers the benefits of the XT/XP platform - compact and proven 3.45mm x 3.45mm package and established ecosystem, enabling lighting manufacturers to simplify the design process and shorten time to market. Output: 178 Lumens per Watt.

3. CREE XB-D 3 Watt used in our Amber or Infrared LED Lights   

Designed to enable lower system costs for lighting manufacturers, the XLamp XB-D LED doubles the lumens per dollar of previously available LEDs. Built on Cree’s SC³ Technology™ Platform, the XB-D White LED delivers up to 139 lumens and 136 lumens per watt in cool white (6000 K) or up to 107 lumens and 105 lumens per watt in warm white (3000 K), both at 350 mA and 85°C. Cree XLamp XB-D color LEDs extend the double lumens-per-dollar performance of the XB package to color LEDs, delivering up to 40% higher maximum light output than XP-E color LEDs. The combination of performance and small size of XB-D color LEDs enable better color mixing and lower system cost. Output 128 Lumens per watt.


Off-Road, Snowmobile, Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Police, Military / Defense, Watercraft, Powersports etc.

What is the difference between 6061 and 6063 Cast Aluminum Housing?

 A majority of manufacturers use cast aluminum 6061 which has a compressive strength of = 124 MPa. Night Rider USA has introduced to the market a cast aluminum housing of 6063 with a compressive strength of >205 MPa = 29,732 Psi

What does this mean? Our Led Work Lights are tested and proven to withstand greater than or equal to 29,732 psi (pounds per square inch of surface area). Comparable weight to several tractors stacked on top of each other and dropped at the same time onto our Led Work Lights.

Why do we need that kind of durability? First, one must evaluate the force created on the impact of the average truck accident. Suppose the weight of the truck is 6,000 Pounds, corresponding to mass = 2,723.27 Kilogram = 186.61 Slugs, and the truck is traveling 15 Miles Per Hour, then an impact occurs that stopped the truck in a distance of 1 Foot (0.3048 Meters), then it would have an Impact Force (f) of 200,872 Newton (Force Measurement Unit) = to 45,160 Pounds. 

Thus, we can state that an average truck wreck at 15 miles per hour creates an Impact Force (f) of 22.58 Tons. 

IP68 / IP69k Waterproof Rating:

* The Ingress Protection (IP) rating system is an internationally recognized scale that relates to proven protection against environmental factors such as liquids and solids.

* Ingress protection ratings can be identified by the letters IP, followed by two numbers. These numbers define the amount of protection a digital scale has against specified elements and its ability to resist foreign matter that could otherwise get inside the 


* 6:   Dust tight. No Ingress of dust.

* 8:   Protected against submersion in Water Beyond 10ft.


* 6:   Dust Tight. No Ingress of Dust.

* 9k: Protected against close-range high pressure, high-temperature spray downs. 

Are there any advantages to an ip69k rating?

* In environments that instrumentation or equipment undergo a continuous amount of extreme environmental factors, such as the combination of water, chemicals, high pressures, and temperatures, can prove fatal for electronic circuits and instrumentation. IP69k Certification is a guarantee the instrumentation can handle the forces and pressures specified below and conforms to the highest waterproof rating in the world. 

How is the water intrusion test performed for IP69k?

* The water intrusion tests themselves are done by placing the product on a turntable with a rotational speed of 5 ±1 revolutions per minute. The product is then sprayed at close range at a rate of approximately 4 gallons/16 liters per minute with water pressure of between 1160-1450 psi, at a temperature of 176°F/80°C.

* The nozzle from which the water is sprayed is held between 4 and 6 inches from the product, at a variety of angles. Following this rigorous testing procedure, the product is deemed as having successfully achieved the rating if it completely resists water ingress.

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Matthew P.
United States United States

50” Single Row Light bar

Great product, great brightness


talk about bright

Mounted this on my 2017 jeep wrangler above the windshield and now i can keep myself from running iton down the road. It makes my Jeep headlights look like flashlights, also love the look of the single row looks very clean.. I will be buying some reverse flushmount pods for the rear bumper soon...