Here are some customer testimonials from real ordering customers. These customer reviews show what Armored lighting customers are experiencing with our lighting products.

Customer: Archie Perry

Product: 50 Inch Curved Double Row LED Light Bar

 The light works very well, and the brightness is incredible, nothing puts 42,800 lumens into perspective like seeing it lighting up the whole 90-acre field with ease. Overall the light is very good, although I dropped it from the roof while mounting there was no damage and it functioned perfectly afterward, so its clearly a robust well built and impressive light for any vehicle.

Customer: Jarad Kraft

Product: 20 Inch Straight Double Row LED Light Bar

Love the bar! The best bar that I have owned hands down. You will be my 1st pick for any future lighting!!

Customer: Rory Smith

Product: 50 Inch Curved Double Row LED Light Bar and Pair 2 Inch Diffused Light Pods

I’ve got all the lights that I ordered from you finally mounted on both the front and the back of my Ranger. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the lights and your service.  The 50” curved light bar on the front of the ranger is unreal for brightness and will be really nice when coming off the frozen lakes at night.  The 2 pods that went on the back will be really nice for packing up the fish house and gear in the dark.  I would highly recommend your lights to anyone,  once you pick these things up, you know right away that they are great quality.  

Customer: Teresa Kern

Product: 20 Inch Double Row LED Light Bar

 I can't say enough about this little light bar. She is SO powerful. We had a little problem hooking ours up...a blown fuse that my husband was sure wasn't blown. ;-) We called in on the phone number provided and we were stunned that we got to talk to a knowledgeable helpful person! We will definitely be buying from this company again!